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The SleepAfloat Experience

Redefining what it means to rent a place "on the water", our fun and unique floating homes and boats are perfect for the adventure minded traveler or those looking for a unique alternative to stuffy hotel rooms. 

Imagine relaxing on your own private roof deck, cocktail in hand of course, enjoying your own private sunset every night of the week.  Or being rocked into the deepest sleep you've had in years and the next day enjoying your morning cofee while watching the local wildlife such as manatees or dolphins feeding right alongside your boat!   You won't find any of this with an ordinary hotel room or vacation home, but you will with a SleepAfloat floating home!

More spacious than a hotel room with million dollar waterfront views, we offer travelers not just a place to lay their heads but an experience they'll never forget!  Guest satisfaction is our number one priority.  These boats are safe, secure and well maintained to ensure each and every guest has a happy and enjoyable vacation while on board a SleepAfloat vessel.  We are trusted leaders in on water accommodations and our guests know when they SleepAfloat they are guaranteed a first-class vacation experience with customer service to match! 

Forget those cramped hotel rooms and rent a SleepAfloat floating home or boat for your overnight stay TODAY!


Our Story

You may have wondered how this brilliant idea of renting floating homes as vacation rentals came to be.  We'd love to tell you a tall tale of dragon slaying, fairy godmothers and swashbuckling pirates, but in reality we just aren't that creative. So here's our story in a nutshell:

The story starts with Andy, Founder and CEO of SleepAfloat, who lived aboard his own refurbished barge in Boston Harbor for 10 years. This five-bedroom, three-bathroom vessel with jacuzzi on the roof drew a lot of attention and Andy quickly fell in love the with the lifestyle; grilling on the deck, enjoying cocktails on the roof at sunset, and being gently rocked to sleep every night.

Traveling often, Andy grew tired of having to stay in the same old boring cookie cutter hotel rooms when he was on the road.  He often found that the most fun and entertaining parts of town were along the waterfront.  This inspired him to purchase the first SleepAfloat houseboat for travelers to enjoy in 2005 right in Boston Harbor.  Since then, our fleet has grown (insert really big number here) percent in size and has expanded to a dozen cities across the nation.  We continue to grow each and every year and hope to one day be the number one alternative to staying in an on-land accommodation.

So what are you waiting for? Book your SleepAfloat vacation today and experience what others have only dreamed of! 


So what are you waiting for? Book your SleepAfloat vacation TODAY
and experience what others have only dreamed of!